About this site

What does this blog cover?

Anything that interests me, bvierra, was deemed worthy to be written about. This usually involves, technology, being a sysadmin, perl5 AND perl6 (and yes, they are 2 separate languages), being a husband, living in Los Angeles, well you get the point.

Who writes this blog?

Well bvierra does, I thought we covered this already? Oh you want to know something about me… Got it!

Well I am married and have been for a number of years, I live in Los Angeles, I work as a SysAdmin (mainly on the Linux side but tend to help oversee and run the ‘big picture’ on a Windows / OSX… at least in terms of desktop deployment / maintenance… oh and the networking that goes along with them!) for a fairly large world wide internet based company.

I tend to like numbers, not pictures and my fallback language will always be perl5 as it was what I learned first.

More than anything I hate writing about myself, so you shouldn’t see too much of that on here.

But why?

That is a good question, why write a blog… well mainly its because I get tired of typing the same things up 10 different times in replies to forums / reddit that I visit so I figure for these things I can just place them all in 1 place and link to it… that would be here 🙂